Strut spacer

Strut spacer    
If you often drive off-road, or are just a fan of big cars on high clearance, then you have probably wondered about the options for lifting your SUV. One of these lifting options is strut spacers.
So, among all the existing options, you can especially highlight the strut spacers. Consider their advantages, comparable to other options for lifting a car. Strut spacers are a lifting option without interfering with the vehicle's chassis. Unlike suspension lift kit. These kits are more expensive, more difficult to install and require maintenance, but they are most effective. It should be noted right away that the spacer struts can raise the car to an insignificant, small height, Compared to the full-scale lifting of the car and the replacement of the suspension.
It is impossible to name a universal lifting method. Each car has its own characteristics of the assembly details. Much depends on the flexibility of car parts. Therefore, each lifting kit is designed specifically for a specific make or model of vehicle. Let's go car can be called a major improvement. It is worth noting that in some countries or States, this Modification is prohibited by law.
All drivers are advised to seek professional and professional advice regarding vehicle lifting. A competent mechanic will suggest the best options for your vehicle based on the goals, budget and obstacles the vehicle is facing
What is spacer struts?
Spacer struts are special made of steel, aluminum or polymer materials of products, which are installed directly on the factory shock absorbers. A special feature and certain advantages is that the disassembly of the rack is not required, and the purchase of a compressor with a coil spring is not required. The original parts of the car are preserved, which is especially suitable if the car is new. The collapsible stand is installed on top and serves as a kind of addition. The price of such products is also an advantage. Unlike a full-scale recovery, they are not very expensive. This option does not overload the coil spring, unlike other lifting methods.
Among the disadvantages of this method is the lack of improvement in off-road performance of the vehicle. If you regularly drive on impassable terrain and terrain, you should turn to costly car lift variations. Lifting with the use of spacers will not in any way increase the vehicle's driving performance and off-road performance. Of the minuses, it can be noted that the lower lowering of the suspension is lost, since the Collapsible rack becomes a kind of limiting element.
When one should choose strut spacer?
This lifting method is perfect for a new car owner who wants to raise the vehicle to a small height, without significant changes and replacement of factory parts. This method can be called ideal if you want to lift the car for cosmetic purposes, without the need to increase its cross-country ability. Raising the car will make it more brutal, aggressive and solid.

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