Spring spacer

Lifting a car remains one of the most popular vehicle modifications. One of the most budget-friendly methods for lifting a car is using a spring spacer. We will consider in detail and study the advantages and the lifting mechanism.

The main purpose of lifting a vehicle is to increase ground clearance. There are several basic methods for lifting a vehicle. In general, they can be divided into lift, which acts on the chassis of the vehicle, this is the lifting of the vehicle using the suspension, and the lifting of the vehicle without affecting the chassis. This is usually done with spring spacer kits and so on.

Variants of lifting a car

Of course, the first method is the most effective, but also the most expensive. It requires serious intervention in the chassis of the vehicle. Many new parts need to be replaced and installed. This method is very effective in those cases when you need to raise the car to a considerable height, to increase its characteristics on the off-road space. Such a rise makes the car ride softer, the car becomes more resistant to height differences and off-road conditions. This lift allows large tires to be isntalled. However, among the disadvantages of such a lift, one can note the high cost, the complexity of the installation time, as well as the need for constant maintenance and care.

But many drivers look for raising the car in aesthetic reasons. This is a fairly popular modification of the car, since a raised car looks more serious, solid and even brutal. Therefore, over the entire existence of SUVs and trucks, a huge number of Methods for lifting them have been invented. In the case when the rise is purely static in nature, there is no need to raise the car to a great height and improve its cross-country ability, you can confidently turn to budget methods. One such method is the strut springs spacer. This lifting method involves installing a metal brace directly onto the existing Hanger. Such an operation can increase the ground clearance by a small amount.

The advantages of this method include cheap cost, no need for constant technical control and maintenance, as well as ease of installation. Many drivers cope with the installation of the strut spring themselves. Significant advantages are the increased ground clearance, which makes it easier to access the parts on the bottom of the car, as well as save them from damage. When the vehicle is lifted, the driver gains more vision AND control over the road.

Of the shortcomings, a rather small amount of lift can be noted. The size depends a lot on the vehicle and the flexibility of its parts. Such a set usually comes only directly with spacers. Often you have to buy additional parts yourself. New shock absorbers may be required. It all depends on the car model and the lift height. The neutral point is that there is no impact on the chassis. On the one hand, if you need to raise the car and improve its road performance, you need to turn to raising the suspension, invest heavily in such a modification. If you only want changes in the outer shell of your car, then budget lifting methods are perfect for you in this case.

What should the driver know before making such modifications?

First of all, any lift of the car. This is a major improvement. During lifting, the center of gravity can be disturbed, some mistakes can lead to serious and dangerous consequences. Second, there is no one-size-fits-all kit and method for all vehicles. Each car has its own assembly characteristics and parts. That is why, before planning any changes, it is necessary to consult with a specialist and professionals.

Thirdly, it is advisable to highlight the purpose of lifting and modifying the vehicle for yourself. You need to carefully weigh all the obstacles that your car passes. If you drive on a smooth road, do not go out of town AND you need a lift For estatic purposes, or if you regularly go off-road and mud. Each option has its own solution.

The fourth point is the following: It is not worth saving too much on this modification. As already mentioned, it is better to entrust this work to professionals. Work done incorrectly can lead to serious consequences.