Spacer lift kit

People who own a truck or SUV think about lifting their automobile from time to time. However, many motorists use the modification purely for aesthetic reasons. The raised car really has brutal and serious, solid image. Several variants for lifting the vehicle are available: with help of suspension lifting kits or spacer lift kit.

What are the main differences, advantages and disadvantages?

First of all, the car owner should clearly highlight the purpose for which he lifts the car. Summer is made only for the sake of aesthetics, or to improve the qualities and passability of the car.

It is important to consider both the make and model of the car. Different kits are suitable for different vehicles with different number of parts. You should definitely consult with the specialist before choosing a kit before installing.

The main difference between the two options is the fact that spacer lift kit does not affect the chassis. It is suitable when the vehicle-owner wants to aesthetically improve his car without resorting to changing its driving characteristics. Accordingly, such a kit is cheaper. Installation process if also easier, it can be installed independently. Such a kit affects only the car body; It raise it without affecting the chassis. It’s the cheapest option if you want to lift your car just for brutal image. In this case, you do not have to spend money on unnecessary parts for the chassis.

This improvement raises the vehicle off the ground, not only improves its appearance, but also improves vehicle safety. Car-owner gains more visibility can better handle the car and control the road. Updated clearance reduces the likelihood of damage to parts at the bottom of the vehicle.

Why to choose spacer lift kit?

The body lift kit is ideal for those who want to get a car with a brutal look, highly put over the road and other cars. And, of course, not spend a big sum of money. However, remember that such a kit will not add off-road capability to the car. Take into account the conditions that faced by your car daily. If you regularly have to go through impassable places, there is a need to improve handling and install large wheels, and then you need to fully update the car with affecting chassis parts.

The lifting kit influences both parts of the automobile, in contrast to the leveling kit.

The spacer lift kit includes possibility for larger tires, needs less maintenance and service, and is more economical. These kits do not affect the basic characteristics of the vehicle. Their disadvantages include the limitation of the rise. Body lift kits cannot lift it high enough. Such kits can lift a car a short distance of several inches for purely aesthetic purposes. If you want to improve your off-road vehicle qualities, then these kits simply will not work for you.

Be careful when installing such kits, consult with professionals, or rather entrust them with this work. Since the kit does not affect the suspension, it can change the center of gravity and make using the car quite dangerous.

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