Leveling spacer car

Modern truck and SUV manufacturers often deliberately lower the front of their vehicles. However, modern drivers have the opportunity to get rid of this modification of leveling spacer car.

Manufacturers set different heights for the front and rear of the car, so that when heavy loads are loaded into the trunk, the car does not sag. While this is a fairly functional addition, it is optional. Many drivers resort to leveling.

What do you need to know about this procedure before proceeding with the alignment?

As with lifting the entire vehicle, there are primarily two ways to level the vehicle. The first is leveling with suspension and undercarriage, and the second is leveling without affecting the undercarriage. The first method is perfect for those who want to increase the vehicle's ground clearance along with its performance on the road. Improving suspension and shock absorbers will enable the car to better tolerate bumps on the road, better handling and off-roading. Such an operation will in no way harm the cargo performance of the car, lifting the body and the absence of the effect of the height difference will not in any way affect the placement of heavy loads in the trunk.

The second option for leveling the vehicle is to raise the front of the vehicle without affecting the chassis. This corresponds to a lifting option that only acts on and lifts the vehicle body. This modification is suitable for those who simply want to improve the aesthetic qualities of the car, without the need to develop its driving characteristics.

Why is it worth paying attention to this method?

Firstly, this method is quite cheap compared to the first option for lifting the car, since the driver does not have to pay for the suspension, shock absorbers and other important expensive materials. Secondly, this kind of modification can be carried out independently, since such suspensions are much easier to install and do not require any major changes in the car's structure. It is also worth noting that the rise still has certain useful properties. The raised front end provides greater visibility to the driver for better road control. The higher ground clearance protects the underside of the vehicle from unwanted damage.

But do not think that a modification done incorrectly cannot harm and has no drawbacks. First of all, such leveling spacer will in no way affect the direct driving characteristics of the car, therefore, if you encounter irregularities on the roads, often transport heavy loads, it makes sense to turn to the option of upgrading the suspension and chassis of the vehicle. Among the disadvantages of this leveling spacer is the elevation of the vehicle's center of gravity. It is worth consulting with a specialist before leveling the car, or even better, entrust this work to professionals. Raising the center of gravity can make driving a car really dangerous.