Leveling spacer auto

In case you have ever thought of leveling spacer auto, you might have noticed that the front of your truck or SUV is slightly lower than the back. Almost any driver sooner or later pays attention to this detail. Many people might think that this is the result of some kind of wear and tear. However, it is not. In most cases, car manufacturers, namely trucks, SUVs, deliberately lower the front of the car in order to avoid subsidence in the event of a load on the rear. As a rule, this is used in cars, the body of which is designed to carry heavy and bulky items. Another question is whether this Modification is necessary, and is it possible to somehow eliminate it?

Most drivers and owners of trucks and SUVs sooner or later come to the desire to align their car, get rid of the lowered front end. Indeed, such a detail adds a not very pleasant appearance to the car, while an even and high-rise vehicle looks solid and more brutal. That is why auto leveling spacer kits are widely used.

What is the difference between kits?

First of all, the suspension lift kits affect the entire chassis. Depending on the purpose, they can lift both halves of the vehicle, or just the front or rear. But the bottom line is that the suspension lifting kit directly raises the Suspension, requires complete intervention in the chassis of the car, replacement and installation of many additional parts. Such an operation is quite expensive; it is a serious modification of the car. Carrying it out on your own It is strongly not recommended for any driver. It is necessary to individually and clearly select the kit and parts for a specific car. Mistakes in this matter can lead to dangerous consequences.

At the same time, the vehicle spacer leveling auto does not affect the chassis. This gives him the following advantages: firstly, such a kit is much cheaper, since it does not contain expensive and complex parts, such as shock absorbers, transmission, and so on. Secondly, such a kit is much easier to install, some drivers cope with it on their own. This alignment does not require additional care and maintenance. It's no secret that a car raised high on the road looks more brutal and impressive. At the same time, the high ground clearance protects the underbody from damage and increases the driver's view.

Leveling spacer cons

However, unlike its analogue, the kit acts only on the car body, lifting only the body. This does not add any functional benefits to the vehicle. This kit is perfect when the main purpose of alignment is an aesthetic goal. Therefore, you should think about it, if you regularly transport heavy loads on bumps, off-road, it makes sense to turn to a more expensive modification with an impact on the chassis. If your goal is to improve the quality of your car on the off-road, then such a suspension will definitely not work for you.

Any driver who is thinking about lifting or leveling the car, first of all, needs to highlight the main purpose of this modification. Consultation with a specialist is an indispensable part of this process. An experienced mechanic will be able to advise you on which option is right for your particular vehicle in your particular case.