Leveling Spacer

Leveling Spacer
Many truck and SUV drivers may notice that the front of their body is slightly lower than the rear. This is not the result of wear and tear, as one might think, but a moderate modification. It is provided in those cars that are designed to carry heavy or any large loads in order to avoid the effect of sagging the rear axle of the car. We can say that this modification is quite functional.
However, it should be noted that this modification is optional. Many drivers prefer to get rid of it. And this is quite justified, the leveled car looks more impressive, solid and strict.
Special leveling spacer kits can help to get rid of such modification, to level the car.
What driver should know before buying such a kit, how they work
So, as in the case of lifting the car, it can be leveled in two ways: by acting on the chassis and without affecting the chassis.
The impact on the chassis includes replacing the suspension, shock absorbers and many other related parts. The number of parts often depends on the car make. This method is quite expensive, but the most bogus one. It is able to increase the driving performance of the car, make it more stable, and improve cross-country ability on off-road and difficult terrain.
It is also possible to raise the vehicle without affecting the chassis, but to a less significant height.
This method of lifting is much more budget-friendly and is ideal when it comes to cosmetic enhancements to the vehicle, without any improvement to its off-road performance. A special leveling spacer is installed on an existing vehicle suspension, so the steel piece lifts the vehicle several inches. This method has the following pros and cons.
Pros and cons
First of all, the low cost of the method is noted, the absence of the need for further care and constant technical inspection.
Secondly, the method is easy to install, many drivers cope with this on their own. Raising the front end can increase the driver's vision, thereby increasing control on the road. Thanks to the new ground clearance, it will be easier for the driver to access spare parts at the bottom of his car and carry out the necessary repair work.
On average, this method is able to lift the car two and a half inches, but this figure is ambiguous. Much depends on the model and brand of the car, on the flexibility of its chassis and parts.
Often times, lifting a car may require purchasing and replacing some other components, such as shock absorbers. In such a cheap kit, besides the spacers, there are no other components.
Typically, these struts are sold in the form of steel products or made of polymeric materials. Most drivers naturally prefer steel, however this is a rather controversial issue. It's hard to say which material is better. Among the reviews of all motorists, users of both those and those struts do not complain about any shortcomings.
Each car needs an individual approach. Each brand and even model has its own technological features, chassis and assembly features. That is why it is important to consult with a specialist before carrying out any work. Professionals can advise which kit and method is right for your vehicle, taking into account the goals and objectives of the vehicle. Much depends on the purpose for which you are making such a modification and what result you want to get. If your car regularly goes off-road, you need to improve its driving performance, you need to turn to a more expensive version of Lifting with an impact on the Suspension. If you want to look brutal and make the car more solid, At the same time, you do not overcome any impassable places, the budget option of lifting will be an excellent solution.