Coil Spacer

Many truck and SUV drivers sooner or later come to the desire to install a lift kit or lift their car. There are many options for implementing this modification, ranging from complete suspension replacement, installation of kits that only act on the body, or Spacer Lifts. The previous two options can be found in detail on our website.

In short, the kits with the suspension and chassis lift principle affect the entire undercarriage, they are the most expensive, but also the most efficient. They can lift the car a considerable distance, improve its driving performance, improve its cross-country ability, and allow the installation of large tires.

The spacer lift acts directly on the car body; we lift it, without affecting the chassis. This method is perfect when the lift is purely static. This method is much cheaper and easier to install than complete chassis modification.

What is coil spacers?

However, there is a third method of lifting the car, which is lifting with coil spacers. The larger ground clearance is the main purpose of lifting the car in principle. Column lifting is the cheapest method of lifting a car and is called the budget bust. The spacer in polyurethane or steel fits directly onto the existing coil spring in the vehicle. However, this method raises the vehicle to an inconsequential height, up to two and a half inches. However, it is worth noting that such lifting methods have recently been very popular. Of course, cheapness is an important part of the growing demand. Installation is quite easy; this method does not require harsh maintenance and care from the driver. However, different vehicles may require different parts. Since the car is lifting, it will usually not be superfluous to change the shock absorbers. However, complete with such a budget option, new shock absorbers are not provided. It depends on the lift height, make and model of the car whether additional components and parts are required. Often, when installing such a budget option, it may be necessary to change shock absorbers, stabilizers, brackets, and more.

Before lifting a car

As already mentioned, method of lifting can be in metal or polyurethane variant. Quite often, drivers choose steel details, but modern methods of production of polyurethane parts make them absolutely durable, in no way inferior to steel. It is impossible to firmly and confidently answer which material is better. According to the reviews, people who use both polyurethane and steel cannot say something bad about it. However choice might depend on flexibility of existing suspension and chassis. Driver always can consult with specialists in this aspect.

Lifting a car always remains a major modification. Before making such improvements to your vehicle, you should consult and consult with the master or specialist. Work done incorrectly can lead to unpleasant consequences, make driving more dangerous. So do not try to save money too much on this operation. Many things depend on the height you would like lift your car and purpose of such modification.